The Municipality will provide brush chipping services for its residents, excluding commercial and industrial business establishments, on a monthly basis, during the spring, summer and fall months, pursuant to a schedule established by the Village Administrator. The schedule for said services shall be published by the Municipality at appropriate times and places. Services are subject to the following requirements:
   (a)   Brush chipping services will be provided for the disposal of small amounts of brush and branches that are removed by residents for normal maintenance and upkeep of property.
   (b)   Brush chipping services will be provided for brush and branches less than six inches in diameter.
   (c)   Brush chipping services are intended as an aid in normal maintenance of property and will not be provided for the removal of entire trees. Residents upon any removal of a tree are responsible for disposal of the debris and any associated cost of disposal.
   (d)   Brush and branches shall be placed at the resident’s curb no sooner than three days prior to scheduled service day. Residents not adhering to the 3 day rule will be required to remove brush and branches out of public view from any street right of way.
   (e)   No brush or branches will be chipped if any string, wire, rope or material is among the brush and branches set out for chipping.
   (f)   Branches must be placed at the curb with the butt end toward the street (perpendicular to the curb).
   (g)   The height of the pile should be no higher than four feet.
   (h)   Shrubs and roots free of dirt are acceptable for brush chipping. Tree stumps and brush placed at the curbside for pickup from site clearing will be rejected.
   (i)   Brush and branches from lot clearing activities and tree removal performed by commercial entities will be rejected.
   (j)   Total brush chipping service time spent by the Municipality at any residence shall be limited to a maximum of fifteen minutes.
   (k)   The resident shall remove all materials not meeting the requirements established by this section, and any material remaining after fifteen minutes of chipping, within forty-eight hours after the chipping service date.
   (l)   No resident shall place brush or branches at curbside for chipping if the brush and branches are brought in from another location.
   (m)   Brush or branch piles that are placed out too late will be required to be removed from the curbside until the next scheduled pickup date. Once the chipper has been down a street, it will not return until the next regularly scheduled chipping date.
   (n)   If there is major storm damage, the Municipality will determine and announce emergency storm-related brush and branch collections.
      (Ord. 13-151. Passed 1-9-14.)