(a)    The Village Administrator may recommend the award of a blasting permit when satisfied that the granting of a permit will not jeopardize or menace the public peace, health or safety. Such recommendation shall be submitted to the Council and no permit shall be awarded unless and until approved by the Council. The Council may consider any facts or evidence bearing on the location of the proposed blasting and the experience of the applicant in handling of explosives, and may condition the award of any permit upon such other conditions as the Council shall deem necessary and reasonable.
   (b)   The granting of such permit shall be further conditioned upon the furnishing by the applicant of evidence of insurance, as provided by Section 719.05.
(Ord. 01-110. Passed 8-16-01.)
   (c)   The fee for the blasting permit shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for each day of blasting requested, plus a deposit representing pre-payment of all estimated costs to be incurred by the Village related to the blasting. At the conclusion of the blasting project, any funds deposited but not used by the Village for such costs shall be refunded to the Blaster.
(Ord. 02-118. Passed 5-16-02.)
   (d)   Prior to issuing the blasting permit, the Village Administrator shall collect the fees specified hereunder including the permit fee and deposit.
(Ord. 01-110. Passed 8-16-01.)