The permittee may make the opening specified in the permit, perform the necessary excavation and make repairs and complete all other work which is required.  Any pavement removed or disturbed shall be restored in a manner and with materials acceptable to the Service Director.
   Should any person fail, refuse or neglect to do all or any part of the work referred to herein, or perform such work in a manner which is unacceptable to the Director, the Director shall cause the work to be done and the pavement restored. Payment for all work ordered to be done by the City, or done by the City, shall be made from the deposit of the permittee.
   Should the cost of the labor and materials involved exceed the amount of the deposit, the permittee shall be billed the balance due. If not paid within thirty days after billing, any balance due shall be recovered by legal action in the name of the City. Failure to pay shall be cause for revocation of any other existing permits or denial of any future permits applied for.
(1966 Code § 901.03)