TITLE TWO - Street and Sidewalk Areas
         Chap. 1020.   Excavations.
         Chap. 1022.   Construction and Repair of Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters.
         Chap. 1024.   Trees.
         Chap. 1026.   House Numbering.
         Chap. 1028.   Encroachments.
         Chap. 1030.   Management of Public Rights-of-Way.
         Chap. 1032.   Honorary Street Name Sign Policy.
         Chap. 1034.   Over-the-Street Banner Policy.
         Chap. 1036.   Areas Designated Solely for the Undergrounding of Utilities and Solely for Aboveground Utilities Within Public Alley Rights-of-Way.
         Chap. 1038.   Small Cell Facilities and Wireless Support Structures.