The Planning Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
   (A)   Preparation of Comprehensive Plan.
      (1)   Prepare and recommend to the City Council a Comprehensive Plan of public improvements looking to the present and future development and growth of the city. The plan after its adoption by the City Council will be known as the “official plan of Metropolis.”
      (2)   The Plan shall include reasonable requirements with reference to streets, alleys, and public grounds within the corporate limits and in contiguous territory outside of and distant not more than one and one-half miles from such limits, and not included in any municipality, the requirements to be effective whenever the lands shall be subdivided after the adoption of the Plan.
   (B)   Amendments. Prepare and recommend to the City Council from time to time, the changes in the plan or any part thereof as may be deemed necessary by the City Council or by the Planning Commission; and also to prepare and recommend to the City Council from time to time, plans and/or recommendations for specific improvements in pursuance of the official plan.
   (C)   Promotion of Plan. Give aid to the officials of the city, charged with the direction of projects for improvements embraced within the official plan, to further the making of the improvements, and generally to promote the realization of the official plan.
   (D)   Publicity. Arrange and conduct any form of publicity relative to its activities for the general purpose of public understanding.
   (E)   Cooperation with foreign agencies. Cooperate with municipal or regional planning commissions and other agencies or groups to further the local planning program and to assure harmonious and integrated planning for the area.
   (F)   Other powers. Exercise such other powers germane to the powers granted under authority of ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 11-12-5.
(1977 Code, § 3-16-5)