(A)   The City Planner must have experience in evidencing knowledge, and skill in community planning is highly desired. A graduate degree with major course work in city planning is preferred. A bachelors degree in city, community or urban planning, or in a related field is required.
   (B)   The position requires the following knowledge, abilities, and skills:
      (1)   Knowledge of land development and growth management facets of community planning;
      (2)   Knowledge of the social, economic, cultural, and physical (land use, transportation, and utilities) design facets of community planning and development;
      (3)   Knowledge of municipal codes as related to zoning and subdivision ordinances;
      (4)   Knowledge of all pertinent federal regulations and state statutes affecting community planning and development;
      (5)   Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of regional and urban/community (city) planning;
      (6)   Ability to exercise judgment and discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of all applicable laws, rules, and regulations;
      (7)   Ability to coordinate and promote the establishment and maintenance of community development programs;
      (8)   Ability to define community development related needs and problems, draw valid conclusions, and formulate and present applicable recommendations;
      (9)   Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and knowledge and literacy in the use and operation of computers, use of database, and information management;
      (10)   Ability to prepare complete and concise reports;
      (11)   Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other departments and their staff, architects, contractors, developers, various federal, state, and local officials, and the general public;
      (12)   Ability to develop, train, and supervise clerical/technical staff; and
      (13)   City residency within one year of appointment.
(Ord. 92-7, passed 3-23-1992)