The City Planner is responsible for the following:
   (A)   Be responsible for production of land use reports on annexation, zoning, and subdivision;
   (B)   Be responsible for preparation and presentation of land use and planning reports to the Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, and City Council;
   (C)   Assist in preparation of agendas for the Planning Commission and Board of Appeals;
   (D)   Be responsible for coordinating review of planning and land use related items with other city departments;
   (E)   Be responsible for review of zoning ordinances and of permit issuance inquiries;
   (F)   Supervises subordinate staff as required;
   (G)   Function as lead technician in the production of a wide variety of planning studies and reports;
   (H)   Be responsible for interpretation of zoning and subdivision ordinances, with the advice and assistance of the Corporate Counsel;
   (I)   Be responsible for planning, coordinating, assigning, and supervising the assimilation, compilation, and presentation of data as related to the comprehensive plan for such areas as economic development, resource utilization, street and highway construction, park, recreation, and cultural facilities;
   (J)   Supervise the gathering of information and development of formal planning presentation;
   (K)   Recommend the desirability of the establishment, abolition, and consolidation of ordinances, rules, regulations, and capital improvement schedules as related to overall development of comprehensive plans; and
   (L)   Confer with civic leaders, governmental officials, industrialists, educators, and financiers in order to ascertain the factual basis for planning projects and studies.
(Ord. 92-7, passed 3-23-1992)