§ 31.087 DUTIES.
   (A)   Nature of work.
      (1)   The City Treasurer is a municipal officer’s position responsible for supervision of financial activities affecting deposits and investments and the payment of approved invoices (warrants). This position is bonded.
      (2)   Work involves responsibility for testing, verifying, posting, and balancing a variety of financial transactions for various aspects of the city’s financial system and guiding and directing city investments within clearly established policies and procedures. The employee of this class exercises independent judgment to review financial transactions, identify compliance and provide regular reports of city finances. Work includes the preparation of a variety of reports and operation of data processing equipment. Work is reviewed through an independent audit.
   (B)   Essential job functions.
      (1)   Serve as a member of the city’s management team; provide information and recommendations regarding various funds, investment options, income projections, financial asset management operations; assist in making decisions related to all facets of municipal finance;
      (2)   Recommend financial goals and investment objectives; guide the development and implementation of investment policies and procedures;
      (3)   Oversee reconciliation of all bank statements and investment confirmations and perform periodic tests to verify the accuracy of the reconciliations;
      (4)   Review, evaluate, and recommend improvements to the city’s financial internal control systems and procedures;
      (5)   Participate in all meetings and communications with municipal credit reporting agencies, bond counsel, investment advisors and investment banking firms;
      (6)   Monitor and maintain compliance with state laws and regulations in regard to the investment of city funds;
      (7)   Make recommendations for the selection of financial institutions as depositories for city funds;
      (8)   Work with banks and other depositories to insure that all municipal funds are securitized either with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantees or with pledges of securities or mortgages;
      (9)   Serve as Treasurer of the Metropolis Fire Pension Board, performing those duties required by ILCS Ch. 40, Act 5, § 4-130. The Treasurer shall furnish bond for such position as required by law. Serve as an ex-officio representative of the city with the Metropolis Police Pension Board, making annual reports and taking such other action as required by ILCS Ch. 40, Act 5, § 3-141;
      (10)   Provide monthly reports, under oath, to the Mayor and City Council showing the balance of funds on hand and an account of all funds received into the treasury and on what account as well as a list of all invoices (warrants) paid by the Treasurer, as required by ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 3.1-35-45;
      (11)   Oversee and maintain an account or accounts which describe each invoice, showing its date, amount, and number, the fund from which paid, the names of the person to whom paid and when paid;
      (12)   Serve as a signatory on all accounts from which approved invoices (warrants) or other expenditures are paid;
      (13)   Within six months after the end of each fiscal year, prepare and file with the City Clerk the annual financial report required by ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 3.1-35-65 and file a copy of the same with the County Treasurer;
      (14)   Participate in the preparation of the budget and audit;
      (15)   Maintain and grow professional skills through participation in Illinois Municipal Treasurer’s Association, Illinois Municipal League, and other training venues;
      (16)   Assist City Accounting Department and corporate counsel in preparing ordinances and resolutions relating to budget expenditures, bonds, notes, revenues, and other fiscal matters;
      (17)   Track city’s investments; enter data into system; research and recommend investment opportunities; provide information to City Council and Mayor; and complete necessary reports;
      (18)   Attend all Finance Committee meetings and at least one City Council meeting per quarter, unless otherwise requested by City Council;
      (19)   Administer the Hotel Operator’s Occupation Tax in accordance with Chapter 36 of this Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. 2020-17, passed 6-22-2020)