The City Clerk shall, in addition to the duties now imposed upon him or her by law, perform the following duties:
   (A)   Issue notices. He or she shall issue notices to the members of the City Council when directed to do so by that body, also to the members of the different committees and to all persons whose attendance is required before a committee when directed or requested to do so by the Chairperson of the committee. He or she shall also issue notices of special meetings of the City Council;
   (B)   Attestation of licenses. He or she shall attest all licenses granted under the ordinances of the city, and he or she shall keep a record of the issuance thereof;
   (C)   Deliver reports. He or she shall without delay deliver to the officers of the city and to all committees of the City Council all resolutions and communications referred to such officers or committees by that body. He or she shall, without delay, deliver to the Mayor all ordinances or resolutions in his or her charge, which may require to be approved or otherwise acted upon by the Mayor, together with all papers on which the same are founded; and
   (D)   Notice of meetings. He or she shall, upon the filing of a call for a special meeting, prepare notices of the meeting and cause them to be served upon the members of the City Council without delay. Notices of special meetings shall specify in brief the objects or purposes for which they shall have been called.
(1977 Code, § 3-3-2)
Statutory reference:
   Duties of the City Clerk, see ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 3.1-35-90