(A)   General. The following parking space or area is hereby designated and reserved for handicapped and disabled veteran persons parking only, and appropriate signs specifically reserving such parking space for the exclusive use of handicapped persons shall be erected and posted:
1st Street
At 3rd Street and Catherine Street at St. Rose of Lima
2nd Street
At 420 Catherine Street
2nd Street
At the Courthouse (west and north sides)
2nd Street
At Catholic Church Ed. Bldg. (north side of East 3rd)
2nd Street
In front of St. Rose (south side of East 3rd Street)
3rd Street
South side directly in front of the south auxiliary door of the Humma Apartments (2 spaces)
West 3rd Street
South side at the library
4th Street
At Happy Hearts
4th Street
On the south side between Metropolis Street and Ferry Street, on the north side of the public library
4th Street
Two spaces on the south side of 4th Street, between Ferry Street and Market Street
West 4th Street
At 104 West 4th Street
West 5th Street
100 Block of West 5th Street (Methodist Church)
West 6th Street
100 Block of West 6th Street (Lutheran Church)
7th Street
The three most easterly parking spaces on the north side of 7th Street, between Market Street and Pearl Street
7th Street and Market Street
The end of the 600 block to the start of the 700 block
8th Street and Filmore Street
Southwest corner
East 8th Street
At 414 East 8th Street
East 8th Street
At 616 East 8th Street
10th Street
406 East 10th Street
East 10th Street
At 406 East 10th Street
11th Street
One space on the north side of 11th Street, between Metropolis Street and Girard Street
Butler Street
West side, at the midway point between the intersection of the easterly-westerly alley (between 7th and 8th Street) with Butler Street and the intersection of Butler Street with 8th Street
City Hall
Ferry Street
At 312 Ferry Street
Girard Street
The two most northerly parking spaces on the east side, between 5th Street and 6th Street
Girard Street
One space on the west side of Girard Street, between 11th Street and 12th Street
Market Street
One space on the west side of Market Street, between 11th Street and 12th Street
Medicine Chest Pharmacy
Metro Center
Metropolis Street (also reserved for disabled veterans)
West side, at the midway point between the intersection of 1st Street with Metropolis Street and the intersection of Front Street with Metropolis Street
Superman Square
The two most southerly spaces on the north easterly side of the square
   (B)   Penalty. Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of these schedules for which no other penalty is set forth shall be subject to a fine as set forth in the settlement schedule of the city. All fines shall be in addition to any costs or charges connected with the removal, storage and impoundment of any vehicle pursuant to this code.
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