(A)   Authorization by Fire Chief. The Chief of the Fire Department, subject to the approval of the Mayor, shall have the authority to send fire apparatus and firefighters outside of the corporate limits of the city whenever requested to do so by the authorities of any city, town or village lying within a reasonable distance from the city, provided that such apparatus can in the judgment of the Chief of the Fire Department, be spared from service in the city at the time requested.
   (B)   Authorization by contract or agreement. The Mayor and City Clerk of the city are authorized to make and enter into agreements with corporations or organizations outside of the city limits under the terms of which compensation in an adequate amount shall be paid for services rendered by the Fire Department, and all the agreements shall contain a clause that the city shall in nowise and under no circumstances be held liable for any loss or damage by reason of its failure to extinguish fires within the territory described in any such agreement. All such agreements so entered into shall be submitted to the City Council at its next meeting for approval. All such agreements shall contain a clause permitting the termination of the agreement upon six-months’ notice.
(1977 Code, § 3-8-10)