(A)   The Board shall consist of five members.
   (B)   The members of the Department shall elect four members who shall serve as members of the Board in the following capacity:
      (1)   Chairperson;
      (2)   Vice-Chairperson;
      (3)   Secretary; and
      (4)   Treasurer.
   (C)   The Chief of the Department shall serve as a nonelected member of the Board and shall have a vote in all proceedings of the Board.
   (D)   Elections shall be held every other year on October 1. Officers shall serve two-year terms and until their successors are elected and installed. The initial terms of office of the members of the Board shall begin on October 1, 1995.
   (E)   Vacancies shall be filled by election for the balance of the unexpired term.
   (F)   There is hereby established a temporary Election Committee. The Committee shall consist of three members. The Chief of the Department shall serve as ex officio Chairperson of the Committee and shall appoint two members of the Department.
   (G)   The temporary Election Committee shall be responsible for conducting, organizing and supervising the initial election of the officers to serve on the Board. Thereafter, the Board shall establish election procedures consistent with this subchapter which shall be made available to all members at a minimum of 30 days prior to any subsequent election.
(Ord. 95-23, passed 9-11-1995)