§ 32.121 EMPLOYMENT.
   (A)   Waste Water Treatment Superintendent. The Waste Water Treatment Department shall be headed by the Waste Water Treatment Superintendent who shall be in charge of all personnel employed in the Waste Water Treatment Department and shall direct and control all activities. This person shall be appointed by the Mayor, by and with the consent and advice of the City Council. In lieu of employment the city may contract with independent contractor for this service.
   (B)   Dismissal. The Mayor may remove any employee appointed by him or her for cause and shall report the reason for the removal to the City Council at the next meeting held, not less than five days nor more than ten days after the removal and should the Mayor so fail to report or if the City Council by a two-third’s vote of all of its members authorized by law to be elected, disapproves of the removal, the employee shall be restored to his or her position and the vote by City Council on the said question shall be “yea” and “nay,” entered upon the records of the city’s journal, the employee so restored shall receive pay for the time lost and his or her regular rate of pay.
   (C)   Vacancies. All vacancies and any new additional jobs in the Waste Water Treatment Department shall be filled by appointment in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement, by the Mayor and with the advice and consent of the Council.