(a)   Credit cards are purchasing tools, which offer an alternative to the existing City of Mentor on the Lake purchasing process. They provide an extremely efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for goods and services.
   (b)   This policy describes the procedures for the appropriate use of City credit cards. By signing the credit card agreement form (attached to Ordinance 2019-O-04 as Appendix 1), the employee promises to comply with program policies, rules and regulations. A credit card will be issued to an employee upon approval by the City's Administrative Director ("Administrative Director") and after the employee executes a signed credit card agreement form. The employee executing the credit card agreement shall be known as the "cardholder" as defined herein.
   (c)   All City credit cards shall be issued in the name of the "City of Mentor on the Lake" and may also include the name of an employee. A City credit card that also bears an employee's name on the face of it is to be utilized only by that employee cardholder. The authorized cardholder of a City credit card is the person that is responsible for tracking and reporting monthly purchases to the Administrative Department. The authorized cardholder that handles a credit card is responsible for the appropriate use of City funds. The credit card is the property of the City of Mentor on the Lake and may be rescinded at any time. The credit card is only to be used for the types of purchase outlined in this policy.
   (d)   Each "custodian" (as defined herein) shall keep a current record of transactions and receipts to protect himself/herself and the City. These records are important internal controls elements of the electronic purchasing process and essential to the success of the credit card program.
   (e)   Authorized cardholders under this policy are the Mayor and Administrative Director. The credit card issued to the Administrative Director shall be for the use of all City departments for which individual cards have not been issued and shall be kept by the Administrative Director who shall serve as the custodian of that credit card.
(Ord. 2019-O-04. Passed 3-12-19.)