(a)   Dumpsters and trash receptacles must be screened with six foot tall enclosures that have a minimum of three sides to ensure the trash area is secured and minimize visibility from the street. In all Business Districts the location of a trash storage area must meet the following criteria:
      (1)   Must be located on a paved surface;
      (2)   May not be located within five feet of windows, doors, or combustible walls or roof eaves;
      (3)   May not displace required landscaping or parking;
      (4)   May not create a sight, traffic, or safety obstruction;
      (5)   Must provide solid, opaque screening and may be composed of masonry (such as concrete block, brick, or stone), wood or vinyl privacy fencing;
      (6)   Trash containers must remain closed when not being filled with trash.
      (7)   If the trash container is leaking, it must be repaired or replaced and the debris, liquid or solid must be cleaned up.
   (b)   Exception. Temporary construction dumpsters are permitted at active construction sites with the following conditions:
      (1)   Exempt from screening requirements;
      (2)   Must be located on private property.
(Ord. 2018-O-24. Passed 8-28-18; Ord. 2019-O-37. Passed 12-10-19.)