(a)   Any sale of medical marijuana to a qualifying patient shall be made in person, directly to the purchaser, within the restricted area of the medical marijuana dispensary. No sale shall be made by telephone, internet, or other means of remote purchase, nor shall home delivery be permitted. Delivery shall occur only in person to the purchaser at the time of purchase within the confines of the medical marijuana dispensary.
   (b)   Drive-in or drive-through sales shall not be permitted.
   (c)   A medical marijuana dispensary must use a commercial-grade filtration system to mitigate the impact of odor at the premises.
   (d)   A medical marijuana dispensary shall post, in a visible location at its premises, contact information for local drug abuse treatment centers, and shall make available to patients upon request educational materials regarding the hazards of substance abuse.
   (e)   The interior and exterior of a medical marijuana dispensary shall be designed, constructed and maintained in a manner consistent with its purposes as dispensing a substance to address a medical condition. The interior and exterior shall never be maintained to appear or encourage illicit marijuana use and shall otherwise comply with the following regulations:
      (1)   There shall be no tinted or darkened windows on the medical marijuana dispensary.
      (2)   There shall be no moving, flashing or strobing signage or lighting in the interior or exterior of the medical marijuana facility.
      (3)   There shall be no loitering permitted at or near the entrance to the medical marijuana dispensary.
(Ord. 2018-O-01. Passed 1-9-18.)