(a)   Cable Television Franchise. Any person who desires to construct, reconstruct, install, operate, maintain or locate facilities in any public right-of-way of the City for the purpose of providing cable service to persons in the City shall first obtain a non-exclusive video service authorization from the Ohio Department of Commerce.
   (b)   Compliance with Chapter Required. All cable operators providing cable service within the City pursuant to a valid franchise or video service authorization shall comply with the registration and construction permit requirements of this chapter.
   (c)   Credit for Payment of Franchise Fee. Any cable operator paying a franchise fee or video service provider fee, or providing free service or other non-monetary compensation to the City pursuant to a franchise agreement, shall be entitled to a credit, offset or deduction against any reimbursement of City costs assessed under this chapter, and pursuant to R.C. § 1332.32, for all such franchise fees or video service provider fees and the retail value of the free service or other non-monetary compensation.
(Ord. 2017-O-04. Passed 4-11-17.)