1462.01   PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that the minimum standards that are set forth in the BOCA National Property Maintenance Code, as adopted in Section 1460.01, and other applicable laws, are followed so as to make all rental units safe, sanitary, free from fire and health hazards, fit for human habitation and beneficial to the public welfare; to establish inspection periods for inspecting rental units within the City so as to protect property values and to maintain the character and appearance of the community; to fix responsibilities of owners and occupants of the dwellings with respect to sanitation, repair and maintenance; to provide for rehabilitation and reuse of existing structures and the application of this chapter's requirements to alterations and repairs; to fix the responsibilities of owners, operators and occupants of all such dwellings; and to provide for administration, enforcement and penalties for this chapter.
(Ord.97-O-09. Passed 11-11-97.)