1448.02   CHANGE OF GRADE.
   (a)   Preliminary Plot Plan. In addition to all other requirements of Part Twelve - the Planning and Zoning Code and Part Fourteen - the Building and Housing Code and of the county and the state, no applicant for a permit to construct a new building or structure, or to remodel or reconstruct an existing building or structure, wherein the existing grade of the lot or building is proposed to be changed, or no person seeking to change the grade of any property by more than three inches, shall fail to submit to the Zoning Inspector a plot plan of the property, prepared by a registered engineer or a registered surveyor, where such proposed construction or reconstruction is or will be situated, which plan shall show the following:
      (1)   A reference bench mark established on some permanent object in the near vicinity which shall remain undisturbed during construction and available for elevation checks. The bench mark may be assumed to be 100 feet where a City bench is not available.
      (2)   The existing elevation of the centerline of the street;
      (3)   The existing elevation of the top of the nearest street curb, if any;
      (4)   The existing elevation of the top of the nearest portion of the sidewalk, if any;
      (5)   The existing elevation at each corner of the lot;
      (6)   The first or main floor elevation and location of adjacent buildings within 150 feet;
      (7)   The elevations of the proposed finished grade of the lot on a suitable contour interval;
      (8)   The proposed elevation of the first or main floor of the building and lawn grade at the building corners;
      (9)   The foundation and/or slab elevation;
      (10)   In addition to the requirements of the Regional Dwelling House Code, as adopted in Section 1424.01, an applicant for a zoning permit shall submit with his application a survey completed by a registered surveyor, which shall describe and relate the parcel of real property upon which such building is to be constructed to the nearest street intersection or other acceptable monument. The permit holder shall be required further to pin all corners and angles of the lot with iron pipe stakes or other suitable markers, and wooden stakes shall be placed on the side lot lines at the building setback line.
      (11)   The location and elevation of all existing and proposed sanitary sewers, water lines and storm sewers within or adjacent to the lot; and
      (12)   Any other information that may be required by the City Engineer to assure that the proposed building elevations and site grading are compatible with adjacent property and that positive drainage is achieved.
   (b)   Application Review Fee. In addition to the fees charged in subsections (e) and (f) hereof, the applicant shall also pay an application review fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to review the new or final grading of the property.
   (c)   Foundation Inspection. As a part of the foundation check, the builder shall have his surveyor or engineer check the grade. No further construction shall be permitted until his surveyor has certified in writing to the Inspector that the elevation and location of such foundation are in accordance with the plot plan as approved in subsection (a) hereof.
   (d)   Final Plot Plan. Prior to filing an application for the certificate of occupancy required in Section 1242.05, each applicant shall first file with the Inspector a final plot plan, which plot plan shall show the final grades of the improvement as constructed. Such plans shall be certified by a registered engineer or surveyor as to the accuracy of the plans depicting the actual construction and contain a further certification that he has made actual field observation of as-built conditions and these conditions are as shown on the plans. The form of such certification shall be prescribed by the City Engineer.
   (e)   Additional Zoning Permit Fees. The Zoning Inspector is hereby authorized and directed to charge applicants for zoning permits a fee based on the following schedule for each zoning permit application, in addition to the normal zoning permit fee, which fee shall be deposited in the General Fund of the City:
         Type of Construction                     Fee
      (1)   Grade plan fee for single-family residential construction                $100.00
      (2)   Grade plan fee for multifamily construction                $200.00 per living unit
      (3)   Grade plan fee for commercial and industrial construction            Greater of $200.00 or actual cost incurred**
      ** The Zoning Inspector shall collect one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) at the time of application for the zoning permit. The City Engineer shall estimate the cost of grade plan review of which the applicant shall be informed. The applicant shall be directed to deposit the difference, if any, between the City Engineer's estimate and the applicant's original one hundred fifty dollar ($150.00) payment, which difference shall be paid prior to any issuance of the zoning permit. Any difference between the final cost of the grade plan review and the City Engineer's estimate shall be paid prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy.
   (f)   City Engineer's Fee; Deposit. The City Engineer shall, for his services rendered pursuant to the requirements of this section, be paid fees in accordance with his contract at such time in effect governing the rate of compensation for the Engineer. In addition to any building deposits, all applicants subject to this section shall deposit with the City the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) as further security for compliance with the requirements of this section. Such deposit shall be refunded to the applicant upon the final plot plan approval and the subsequent inspection approval to be made by the Engineer after the sodding or planting of a lawn on and about the premises has been completed. The City shall deduct from any refundable deposit the cost, if any, incurred by the City for the purpose of building the actual grading into conformity with the approved plot plan in cases where the builder or other permit holder has failed, refused or neglected to do so.
   (g)   Methods of Drainage Required. In addition to the requirements of Part Fourteen - the Building and Housing Code or of any other ordinance of the City, whenever the plot plan filed under subsection (a) hereof fails to indicate a method of the positive draining of surface water from the lot, the City Engineer shall notify the Zoning Inspector of such failure and may further recommend to such applicant and prescribe the method of drainage to be provided, which recommendation and prescription the applicant shall have incorporated into such plot plan and shall thereupon resubmit the plot plan so amended for approval.
(Ord. 77-O-25. Passed 7-26-77; Ord. 2019-O-07. Passed 5-28-19.)