1420.03   AMENDMENTS.
   The following sections of the Ohio Building Code, as adopted in Section 1420.01, are hereby revised as follows:
   OBC 4101:1-1-13 Section 113.4 "Failure to file construction documents, penalty".
   When an owner fails to file plans as required under Ohio R. C. 3791.04 and fails to comply with an adjudication order relating thereto and issued under Section 113.1, said owner is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) or imprisoned not more than 60 days, or both. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation or noncompliance occurs or continues.
   CHAPTER 4101:1-7-24 Section 724 "FIRE LIMITS" (Added)
   724.1 Description of limits: The fire limits shall comprise all of the City except for those areas in the Single-Family Residential District as defined in Title Four of Part Twelve - the Planning and Zoning Code.
   724.2 Restrictions within the fire limits: Buildings and structures, and additions to existing buildings and structures, hereafter erected within the fire limits, may be of unprotected noncombustible (Type 2C), ordinary unprotected (Type 3C) or protected frame (Type 4A) construction, as defined in Article 4 and regulated in Table 602, when constructed and located in accordance with the requirements of Table 723.
Table 724
Width of fire separation adjacent to exterior wall
Fire-resistance rating of exterior wall* or barrier
Fire-resistance rating of exterior opening protectives
Classification on minimum of roof covering
On lot lines or less than 3 ft. therefrom or from any building
4 hour
Not permitted
3 ft. or more but less than 6 ft.
3 hour
3 hour
6 ft. or more
2 hour
1-1/2 hour
   * Not less than that required by Table 602
   Note 1. The exterior wall or barrier shall extend to the height of the building and be so constructed that it will remain structurally in place for the duration of time indicated by the required fire-resistance rating.
   Note 2. When the exterior wall or barrier is adjacent to a flat roof, it shall be constructed with a parapet.
   724.3 Floors in multifamily dwelling units: Floors in multifamily dwelling units above the first floor shall be of such construction so as not to have less than approved two-hour fire-resistance rating, unless there is direct single-family occupant access between the lower and upper stories, in which case the separating floor and ceiling assemblies shall be of approved limited-combustible materials.
   724.4 Dividing walls in multifamily dwelling units: Dividing walls between living units in multifamily dwelling units shall be made of masonry construction with a two-hour fire-resistance rating (or equivalent), notwithstanding any other provisions contained within the OBC.
   OBC CHAPTER 4101:1-14 Section 1404.8 MATERIALS (Added)
   1404.8 Brick: Notwithstanding any other provisions of the OBC, all exterior walls in multifamily dwelling units shall be of brick exterior construction.
   OBC 4101:1-10-03.2.9. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS (Added)
   1003.2.2.9 Number of occupants: In other than one and two-family and multifamily dwellings, the plans and the application for a permit shall designate the number of occupants to be accommodated on every floor, and in all rooms and spaces when required by the building official or the Fire Official. When not otherwise specified, the minimum number of occupants to be accommodated by the exitways shall be determined by the provisions of the OBC. The posted occupancy load of the building shall be limited to that number.
(Ord.79-O-31. Passed 10-23-79; Ord.86-O-9. Passed 4-8-86; Ord.2003-O-12. Passed 7-22-03.)