(a)   Definition. “Sandwich board signs” are freestanding signs that advertise the sandwich items or specials that are available from the business and which have no more than twenty percent of the total area for such a sign utilized for business identification. Sandwich board signs are limited to “A” frame style signs with two faces or sides that are separated by no more than two feet and no less than six inches at the base of the sign and which are no more than three feet in height and two feet in width.
   (b)   Display Standards.
      (1)   Zoning districts. Each business in the Business and Office Zoning District shall be allowed to display one sandwich board sidewalk sign in compliance with the standards set forth in this section. Sandwich board signs shall not count toward the limitations set forth in this chapter.
      (2)   Sign size and types of signs. Signs may not exceed a width of two feet and a height of three feet. The signs shall be either an A-Frame style or poster style sign that is attached to a frame and a base.
      (3)   Sign placement. Sandwich board sidewalk signs shall be placed only within the boundaries of the applicable business - street frontage. The sign may be placed on the edge of the sidewalk that is furthest from the street and closest to the business. The sign cannot be placed on property that is adjacent to the street side of the sidewalk. Further, the sandwich board sign shall be positioned so that it will not:
         A.   Reduce the sidewalk clearance below a width of thirty-six inches;
         B.   Impede any line of sight for motorists at vehicular public right-of-way intersections, as determined by the City Engineer; or
         C.   Interfere with persons entering or exiting parked cars.
         D.   Sandwich board signs may not be displayed from vehicles parked in front of or adjacent to the businesses, whether on public or private property. For purposes of this subsection, “sandwich board signs” specifically includes banners affixed to a vehicle.
      (4)   Stabilization. The sign shall be stabilized so as to withstand wind gusts or shall be removed during windy conditions.
      (5)   Sign elements. Signs shall be designed to incorporate the colors and other architectural features of the building in front of which they are to be placed. (A white sign background and/or white framing is acceptable in any situation.) Signs made of plywood, pressboard, or paper products shall not be permitted; signs made of polyethylene, metal, burnished wood, or other materials having a natural appearance shall be permitted. Finishes shall be of high quality and durable.
      (6)   Display time and removal. Sandwich board signs may be displayed from the time that the business opens until the time that the business closes. The sandwich board sign shall be removed at the close of each business day.
      (7)   Advertising. Advertising on both sides is permitted, either on both sides of a sandwich board, single board, or chalkboard or on the two surfaces of a sandwich board (two boards or chalkboards connected by hinges on the top).
      (8)   Illumination. The sandwich board sign shall not be illuminated.
      (9)   Attachments. Nothing shall be attached to the sandwich board sign and shall have nothing attached to it such as balloons or streamers.
   (c)   No Signs in the Public Right-of-way. A sandwich board sign shall not be placed in the public right-of-way.
   (d)   Permit and Fee. Each business that wishes to utilize a sandwich board sign shall obtain a special permit from the Zoning Inspector. The business owner shall provide to the Zoning Inspector a drawing or picture of the sign that includes the color(s) and other features of the sign and the location where the sign will be located. The business owner shall pay a special permit fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). The sandwich board sign permit shall be renewed on an annual basis. A decal shall be issued by the City to evidence that the owner has a sandwich board sign permit. The decal shall be affixed to the sign by the owner before the sandwich board sign is placed into service by the owner. The use of a sandwich board sign without a decal is a violation of this section.
   (e)   Penalty. Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation or noncompliance occurs or continues.
(Ord. 2009-O-14. Passed 9-8-09; Ord. 2016-O-22. Passed 9-13-16.)