(a)   Generally. A nonconforming sign shall be construed as a sign that does not conform with one or more of the present or future requirements of the Zoning Code. Normal maintenance by way of painting, cleaning and minor repair is permitted for the life of the nonconforming period allowed.
   (b)   Removal. All nonconforming signs shall be removed completely forthwith unless a permit as hereinafter provided is secured, in which case such signs shall be completely removed upon expiration of the permit. No permit shall be granted for such signs that project into or over the public right of way.
   (c)   Permits.
      (1)   Permits issued after October 12, 1976, for signs that have become nonconforming due to changes in zoning laws or widening of streets or highways shall expire ten years after issuance. Signs being used as of October 12, 1976, that have a changing message such as time or temperature, or a commercial billboard with space rented out for advertising purposes, may continue the same use for the life of the nonconforming permit.
      (2)   No permit shall be issued except by written application and a diagram showing the size and the location on the property of the sign. The City shall keep a file of permits and application diagrams.
(Ord. 79-O-14. Passed 7-24-79; Ord. 2016-O-22. Passed 9-13-16.)