All signs located on land within the City shall comply with this chapter unless specifically exempt by another section in this chapter. No person shall locate or retain any sign, or cause a sign to be located, relocated, altered, modified, or retained unless all provisions of this chapter have been met. To ensure compliance with these regulations, a sign permit shall be secured from the Zoning Administrator or designee for each sign unless such sign is specifically exempted in this chapter. Any sign requiring a structural steel foundation and/or electricity must obtain foundation and/or electric permits from the County Building Department as well as a sign permit. An application fee will be required at the time of application. No permit shall be issued until a completed application and fees have been submitted. The owner of the property where the sign is located or the owner of the business on the property where the sign is located may apply for a sign permit. If the business owner applies for a sign permit, then the owner of the property where the sign is to be located shall provide written authorization that approves the application for a sign permit. The permit holder for the sign permit shall the person or entity who applied for the permit.
(Ord. 79-O-14. Passed 7-24-79; Ord. 2016-O-22. Passed 9-13-16.)