(a)   One sign not exceeding twenty-five square feet in area and located a minimum of ten feet from the property line for each parcel of land identifying only the use or activity thereof which would be of interest to the general public, and not less than twenty-five feet from any residential lot line is permitted in the Recreational Park District.
   (b)   Commercial advertising signs shall also be allowed on the fences surrounding the fields of McMinn and Andrews Field Parks. In the event that commercial signs are placed on the fences at McMinn or Andrews Field Parks, then the Mayor or his designee shall charge each advertiser a fee for the placement of the signs. The fee to be charged for the placement of the commercial advertising sign shall be established by the Mayor or his/her designee on a yearly basis and all revenue that is generated by the sale of the commercial advertising signs shall be used exclusively for improvements to the respective parks. The Mayor or his/her designee shall establish appropriate rules and regulations for the placement, the size and the type of sign that will be allowed on the fences. In no event shall the commercial signs be larger than thirty-two square feet per face of each sign. The provisions of Section 1284.17 are inapplicable to the owner(s) of the commercial sign(s) on the McMinn and Andrews Field Park fences.
(Ord. 95-O-02. Passed 5-23-95; Ord. 2004-O-03. Passed 4-13-04; Ord. 2016-O-22. Passed 9-13- 16.)