The following regulations shall apply to signs in Residential Districts of the City.
   (a)    Identification Signs.
      (1)   Nonilluminated signs.One nonilluminated identification sign per residence not exceeding three square feet in area and located in the front yard and not less than ten feet from the right-of-way line and not less than fifteen feet from either side property line and the rear yard line is permitted. The sign may be increased by an additional one-half square foot in area for each fifteen feet that the sign is set back from the right-of-way line.
      (2)   Illuminated identification signs. One identification sign, as limited in Section 1284.12, which may be illuminated, for apartment buildings or apartment complexes, to be located in the front yard, not exceeding one square foot per face per living unit, but not to exceed a total of thirty square feet per face is permitted. The sign may not be closer than ten feet from the right-of-way line nor closer than fifteen feet from either side lot line or rear lot line.
      (3)   Identification sign or bulletin board. One identification sign or bulletin board for each public or religious institution, located not less than ten feet from the right-of-way line and not less than twenty-five feet from any residential lot line, and not to exceed forty square feet in area is permitted. Permitted exceptions to this regulation are public schools, which may be permitted signs to a maximum of 160 square feet in area, provided that they are set back from the public right of way a distance equal to one-half the number of feet of the total square footage of the sign.
   (b)   Subdivision Signs.One subdivision sign not exceeding 150 square feet in total sign area on all faces and located not less than the approved front yard or side yard setback distance from the respective right-of-way line or side lot lines is permitted. One sign for the first 500 feet of lot frontage and one additional sign for each 500 feet within the same subdivision is permitted. Signs shall be located at least 500 feet apart. In no case shall more than three signs be allowed. Permits for such signs shall be for a period not exceeding one year and may be renewed while any building permits are in effect.
   (c)   Gateway Signs. One sign on a gateway shall be permitted, provided that the area of the sign does not exceed twelve square feet in total area and the sign is located not less than ten feet from the dedicated right of way or fifteen feet from the side line, and does not exceed eight feet in height from the established grade level and does not interfere with traffic visibility. If a gateway sign extends over a driveway, it should not be lower than fourteen feet nor higher than sixteen feet.
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79.)