1264.04   BUILDINGS.
   (a)   A comprehensive plan shall be developed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission before any permits are issued.
   (b)   There shall be no buildings or structures less than forty feet from residentially zoned property (except for a guard structure at the club entrance).
   (c)   No building shall exceed thirty-five feet in height.
   (d)   Front setbacks from public streets shall be not less than forty feet.
   (e)   All club house buildings shall have a minimum first floor area of 5, 000 square feet.
   (f)   All rules in the NFPA Bulletin "Marinas and Boat Yards No.303, " as amended from time to time, are hereby incorporated. All buildings shall have sprinkler systems.
   (g)   No living quarters other than a caretaker's suite and/or a manager's suite shall be permitted.
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79.)