(a)   An application for a zoning permit for the erection, alteration, movement or reconstruction of a building in any Industrial District shall be accompanied. by:
      (1)   A plot plan of the lot showing the location of all present and proposed buildings, driveways, parking areas, waste disposal fields and other constructional features on the lot, as well as all buildings, streets, alleys, highways, streams and other topographical features outside of the lot and within 200 feet of any lot line;
(Ord.85-0-22. Passed 3-25-86.)
      (2)   Architectural renderings for any proposed buildings, including landscaping, driveway and parking lot details;
(Ord.86-0-15. Passed 9-9-86.)
      (3)   A description of the proposed industrial operations in sufficient detail to ensure that the effects of such operations in producing traffic congestion, noise, glare, air pollution, water pollution, fire hazards or other safety hazards are within the acceptable limits of the appropriate environmental enforcement agency, whether Federal, State or local, having jurisdiction over such matters ;
      (4)   Engineering and architectural plans for the treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste;
      (5)   Engineering and architectural plans for the handling of any excess traffic congestion, noise, glare, air pollution, water pollution, fire hazard or safety hazard;
      (6)   Designation of the fuel proposed to be used and any necessary architectural and engineering plans for controlling smoke; and
      (7)   Any other data or evidence that the Zoning Inspector or the Planning and Zoning Commission may require in order to determine whether or not the proposed building and industrial operation will comply with the requirements hereof.
   (b)   All architectural and engineering plans required hereunder shall be prepared by a registered architect or a registered engineer.
   (c)   The registered architect or registered engineer shall furnish a statement indicating that all performance standards set forth in Section 1262.06 will be met by the proposed building use.
(Ord.85-0-22. Passed 3-25-86.)