Within any Industrial District, buildings and land for industrial purposes shall be used in accordance with, and buildings for industrial purposes shall be erected, altered, moved, maintained or reconstructed in such manner as to comply with, the following performance standards
   (a)   All industrial operations shall be carried on in buildings meeting the design and construction requirements for fireproof buildings established by the Ohio Basic Building Code. The exterior walls shall be masonry or an equivalent thereto.
   (b)   All noise of whatever nature shall be confined to the premises on which the industrial operation is located.
   (c)   There shall be no air contaminant emitted from any industrial operation in violation of Ohio R.C. Chapter 3704.
   (d)   There shall be no emission from any industrial operation of odorous gases or other odorous matter in such quantities as to be offensive at any property line of the lot on which the industrial operation is located or at any point beyond such property line.
   (e)   There shall be no emission from any industrial operation which can cause soiling at any location.
   (f)   Any industrial operation which requires flood lighting or produces glare, such as welding or some other high temperature process, shall be protected so that no glare, either direct or sky-reflected, will be visible from any property line of the lot on which the industrial operation is located.
   (g)   No equipment shall be used in any industrial operation in such a manner as to adversely affect, at any point beyond any property line of the lot on which the industrial operation is located, the operation or use of radio, television or other electronic equipment.
   (h)   The storage of equipment, raw materials, scrap materials or waste materials is not permitted in the required front yard, and storage elsewhere shall be screened from direct view of any adjacent properties and shall be constructed so as to prevent the movement of materials outside the storage area.
   (i)   Treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste shall be in accordance with the requirements of the County Board of Health, the Ohio Water Pollution Control Board, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the County Regional Sewer and Water District. Waste material shall be stored so as not to be conducive to the' breeding of rodents or insects. No burning is permitted.
   (j)   Toxic materials shall be so stored, handled and processed that in the event of any accident, such as an explosion or other unforeseen circumstance, the material will not be airborne in toxic concentrations beyond the property lines on which the industrial operation is located.
   (k)   Any Industrial operation involving the use, storage or handling of dangerous or hazardous substances, defined as such by Ohio R. C. 3716.01(D) , shall comply with the following requirements
      (1)   All containers containing such hazardous substances shall be labeled in accordance with Ohio R.C. 3716.01(L), (M) and (N).
      (2)   Employers shall maintain a Material Safety Data Sheet (referred to as the MSDS form) containing information about the nature, chemical make-up and emergency treatment for each hazardous substance, a copy of which shall be kept on file with the City Fire Department and updated as required to remain current.
      (3)   Employers shall provide education to employees to teach safe handling of hazardous substances.
   (l)   Every structure housing any industrial operation shall meet the acceptable standards of the Building and Housing Code and the Fire Prevention Code.
(Ord.85-0-22. Passed 3-25-86.)