In the event it is proposed that a nonconforming use in the Office Building District is to be converted or changed to a use permitted under Section 1260.01, written application for such conversion or change shall be made to the Planning and Zoning Commission, to which shall be attached and made a part thereof a plot plan showing the location of the boundaries of the lands upon which such nonconforming use exists, together with plans showing the detail of the exterior and interior of any buildings after conversion or change of use. Such plot plan shall give all dimensions of yards and parking areas to be provided, and in all respects such proposed use shall be in accordance with applicable provisions of this chapter and any other law pertaining to such District.
   The Commission shall review each application and, upon finding that such proposed use meets with the requirements provided in this chapter, it shall authorize a permit to be issued. Before such authorization, the Commission shall have authority to prescribe such conditions to be performed as will make the conversion or change of use conform with the uses permitted in such District.
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79.)