In the Office Building District the following uses, and no others, shall be permitted
   (a)   Dwellings only as living quarters for bona fide caretakers and/or watchmen and their families ;
(Ord.86-0-22. Passed 11-25-86.)
   (b)   Office buildings and offices for professional use, dispensaries, medical clinics, and for the executive or administrative personnel of governmental, public utility or private corporations, and buildings containing offices for use by accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, real estate agents, dentists, doctors and persons engaged in the limited practice of medicine;
   (c)   Mortuaries;
   (d)   Telephone exchanges;
   (e)   Banks, loan associations and financing corporations or associations;
   (f)   Accessory uses incidental to the main uses listed in subsections (a) through (e) hereof, provided that they are planned and developed integrally with the main dwelling, such as the sale of drugs and the sale and consumption of food and soft drinks and ice cream in connection therewith;
   (g)   Off-street parking in accordance with the applicable requirements of this Zoning Code;
   (h)   Any other use which, in the judgment of the Planning and Zoning Commission, is similar in type of services rendered as permitted in this section; and
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79.)
   (i)   Apartments for the elderly. Such apartments are permitted only within the area known as the ARTARP Site, as further indicated on the Zoning Map. Such apartments shall conform in all respects to, and be subject to the restrictions and regulations set forth in, Chapter 1254.
(Ord.80-0-22. Passed 10-14-80.)