(a)   Development plans shall be submitted in compliance with Chapter 1222. The plans shall show the relationship of the proposed development to surrounding streets and contiguous properties and structures.
   (b)   No permit shall be issued for the erection or alteration of a building in the Condominium District unless there has been filed with the Planning and Zoning Commission preliminary plans and other data. Such plans and data shall be approved by the Commission if it finds that they provide for an integrated and harmonious design of buildings, appropriate entrances to suites, adequate and properly arranged facilities for internal traffic circulation, and provision for primary access, landscaping and screen planting, public water, sewer, storm water drainage and other facilities, all as may be necessary or appropriate to encourage proper development or use of other properties surrounding or in the vicinity of the Condominium District and to preserve and protect the public health, safety, convenience or comfort.
   (c)   When the Commission has found that the preliminary plans and other data for the buildings under this section comply with the requirements of this Zoning Code, it shall approve such preliminary plans.
   (d)   Final project plans shall also be submitted to and approved by the Commission before construction is started. Approval of final plans shall be made when the Commission finds that the plans meet the requirements of this Zoning Code.
   (e)   The Zoning Inspector shall issue the proper zoning permits upon payment of the required fees after the final plans are approved by the Commission.
(Ord.81-0-5. Passed 3-24-81.)