(a)   Floodlights and other forms of exterior lighting shall be designed and constructed so as not to permit the open source of light to be visible from areas not within the project limits of the Condominium District.
   (b)   (EDITOR'S NOTE: Subsection (b) was repealed by Ordinance 86-0-8, passed September 9, 1986.)
   (c)   A private swimming pool is permitted within this District. Such pool may be installed at the option of the owner and upon approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission, subject to the following specifications:
      (1)   Such a pool shall be permanently constructed in-ground, with a depth in excess of two feet at any point, and shall have a minimum dimension of thirty feet by sixty feet.
      (2)   Such a pool shall be maintained for the exclusive use and benefit of the owners of the dwelling units and shall not be operated for profit.
      (3)   Such a pool shall be located on the same lot as the dwelling units served.
      (4)   Such a pool shall be enclosed within a wall or fence to prevent access except through a, controlled point. Such fence shall be a minimum of four feet high.
(Ord.81-0-5. Passed 3-24-81.)