(a)   Number. There shall be provided no less than one and one-half and no more than two unenclosed parking spaces per dwelling unit. Completely enclosed garage spaces may be provided equal in number to the number of dwelling units on the project site.
(Ord.86-0-8. Passed 9-9-86.)
   (b)   Size of Parking Spaces. No parking space shall be less than 180 square feet in area, excluding drives, curbs and turning spaces. The minimum width shall be nine feet. Driving lanes between parking spaces shall be at least twenty-two feet wide.
   (c)   Location.
      (1)   No parking spaces or garage shall be more than 250 feet away from a building entrance.
      (2)   Parking spaces may be located between the public right of way, or the rear and side property lines, and a structure.
      (3)   Parking spaces may be permitted between buildings facing rear to rear or side to rear.
   (d)   Access Drives.
      (1)   Access drives shall be provided to service the parking spaces and permit ingress and egress of emergency or public safety vehicles. Access drives shall not be less than twenty feet in width for two-way vehicular movement or twelve feet in width for one-way movement.
      (2)   The access drives and parking spaces shall be paved with concrete. Fire lanes shall be governed by the provisions of the Fire Prevention Code.
(Ord.81-0-5. Passed 3-24-81.)