(a)   Intent. In order to promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience and general public welfare of the community, multifamily dwellings (over two dwelling units) shall be erected, altered, moved, maintained or used in accordance with the regulations set forth in this section.
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79.)
   (b)   Area.
      (1)   The area of a dwelling unit shall be the sum of the gross floor areas of living space, excluding basements, porches, utility and general storage rooms, common halls, stairways and garages.
      (2)   The minimum area of a dwelling unit within the Garden-Type and Elderly Apartment District shall be not less than the following:
         Type of Apartment       Area (Sq. Ft.)
      A.   Efficiency (no bedroom)   500
      B.   One bedroom         650
      C.   Two bedroom         750
      D.   Three bedroom      850
      E.   Elderly (one bedroom)   565
      F.   Elderly (two bedroom)   845
   Square footage shall be measured from the interior face of exterior walls and partition walls.
(Ord.94-0-18. Passed 2-14-95.)
   (c)   Concentration of Dwelling Unit Types. In the Garden-Type and Elderly Apartment District no apartment structure shall have a total number of dwelling units in excess of twelve dwelling units per apartment structure.
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79.)