For the purpose of this Zoning Code, the City is hereby divided into the following districts:
   (a)   Residential District, which shall consist of the following:
      (1)   Single-family.
         A.   Single-Family District A-1;
         B.   Single-Family District A-2;
         C.   Single-Family District B;
         D.   Single-Family District C;
         E.   Single-Family District D; and
         F.   Single-Family District E.
      (2)   Multifamily.
         A.   Two-Family District;
         B.   Group House District; and
         C.   Apartment District.
   (b)   Garden-Type and Elderly Apartment District;
   (c)   Condominium District;
   (d)   Garden Condominium District;
   (e)   Business District;
   (f)   [intentionally left blank];
   (g)   [intentionally left blank];
   (h)   Yacht Club District; and
   (i)   Recreational Park District.
   The districts are designated on the Zoning Map by colors.
(Ord.79-0-14. Passed 7-24-79; Ord.80-0-21. Passed 10-14-80; Ord.86-0-7. Passed 7-8-86; Ord. 2019-O-35. Passed 1-14-20.)