1226.02   WATER.
   (a)   Adequate public water service shall be provided for each parcel of land to be occupied by a residential, commercial or industrial unit.
   (b)   All water mains in public thoroughfares shall be cast-iron pipe of a minimum diameter of eight inches, AWWA Class 150, or higher.
   (c)   All water mains and appurtenances shall be constructed in accordance with rules, standards and specifications of the Ohio Water Service Company and shall be reviewed, tested and approved by such Company before acceptance by the City.
   (d)   In general, the spacing of hydrants shall be 300 feet, except that hydrants shall be so situated that the maximum allowable distance between a hydrant and the nearest point on any proposed residential or commercial structure shall be 300 feet of fire hose.
   (e)   In general, service connections shall be provided for each proposed consumer at the time the water main is constructed. Service connections shall terminate at least three feet outside areas proposed to be paved.
   (f)   Plans for the construction of water mains, services and appurtenances shall be submitted to and approved by the Ohio Water Service Company prior to submittal for approval by the City.
(Ord.1418. Passed 5-23-61; Ord. 2013-O-11. Passed 5-14-13.)