1224.02   STREETS.
   (a)   The arrangement, character, extent, width and location of all streets shall be considered in their relation to existing and planned streets, to topographical conditions, to public convenience and safety, and in their appropriate relation to the proposed uses of the land to be served by such streets.
   (b)   The arrangement of streets in a subdivision shall either:
      (1)   Provide for the continuation or appropriate projection of existing principal streets in surrounding areas; or
      (2)   Conform to a plan for the neighborhood approved or adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission to meet a particular situation where topographical or other conditions make continuance or conformance to existing streets impractical.
   (c)   Minor streets shall be so laid out that their use by through traffic will be discouraged.
   (d)   Where the subdivision abuts or contains an existing or proposed arterial street, the Commission may require marginal access streets, reverse frontage with screen planting contained in a nonaccess reservation along the rear property line, deep lots with rear service alleys, or such other treatment as may be necessary for adequate protection of residential properties and to afford separation of through and local traffic.
   (e)   Reserve strips controlling access to streets shall be permitted only where their control is definitely placed in the City under conditions approved by the Commission.
   (f)   Intersection jogs with centerline offsets of less than 125 feet shall be avoided.
   (g)   Wherever possible, a tangent at least fifty feet long shall be introduced between reverse curves on all streets.
   (h)   All horizontal deflections in the alignment of streets shall be connected by a circular curve as follows:
Total Deflection Angle (Degrees)     Minimum Centerline Radius (Ft.)
     0 to 30 incl.               250
     over 30               300
On arterial or collector streets, or under certain other special conditions, a greater radius may be required by the Commission.
   (i)   Streets shall be laid out so as to intersect as nearly as possible at right angles and no street shall intersect any other street at an angle of less than seventy-five degrees.
   (j)   Property lines at street intersections shall be rounded with a radius of twenty feet, or of a greater radius where the Commission deems it necessary. The Commission may permit comparable cut-offs or chords in place of rounded corners.
   (k)   Street right-of-way widths shall be not less than as follows:
      Street Type           Right-of-Way Width (Ft.)
      Arterial         Varies
      Collector         70
      Minor            60
      Marginal Access      40
      (1)   Half streets shall be prohibited, except where essential to the reasonable development of the subdivision in conformity with the other requirements of these Subdivision Regulations and where the Commission finds it will be practical to require the dedication of the other half when the adjoining property is subdivided. Wherever a half street is adjacent to a tract to be subdivided, the other half of the street shall be platted and dedicated within such tract.
   (m)   Unless otherwise specifically authorized, permanent dead-end streets shall not be longer than 500 feet and shall be provided at the closed end with a turnaround having an outside roadway diameter of at least eighty feet and a street property line diameter of at least 100 feet, with turnout radii of fifty feet.
   (n)   No street names shall be used which will duplicate or be confused with the names of existing streets in the County. Street names shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.
(Ord.1418. Passed 5-23-61.)