Any person, organization, society, association or corporation requesting a permit to remove a tree shall file an appropriate application with the Zoning Inspector. Such application shall include the following information:
   (a)   An overall site plan for previously undeveloped lots only, including the shape and dimensions of the lot or parcel of land, together with existing and proposed driveways, structures and improvements;
   (b)   A designation of any trees proposed to be removed and a designation of trees to be retained;
   (c)   A statement as to why the trees must be removed;
   (d)   A statement showing how trees not proposed for removal or relocation are to be protected during construction;
   (e)   Any proposed grade changes that might adversely affect or endanger any trees on such site; and
   (f)   The certification of the applicant that the appropriate number of trees will be planted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter within the next proper planting season, but not less than six months following completion of construction.
(Ord.77-0-11. Passed 3-22-77.)