No person owning any land, lot or premises abutting upon a street, road or highway in the City shall fail to maintain the tree lawn, curb, gutter, drain or ditch adjacent thereto free from weeds, rubbish and debris, and in good repair and free from nuisance, so as to permit the free flow of road and surface water along such street, road or highway in compliance with the following regulations:
   (a)   Whenever any tree lawn, curb, gutter, drain or ditch has been constructed by the Service Department of the City or by the owner with the approval of the Service Supervisor, the abutting property owner shall maintain the same in a manner to prevent the obstruction of necessary roadside drainage.
   (b)   The size of the gutter, drain or ditch to be established or maintained shall be determined by the Supervisor and shall be maintained thereafter by the property owner.
   (c)   Flow lines of gutters, drains or ditches shall correspond to the existing flow line of the City's comprehensive ditching plan and the grade thereof shall be such as is determined by the Supervisor.
   (d)   A gutter, drain or ditch may be closed in with pipe satisfactory to the City Engineer in composition and size. Such pipe shall be set as required by the Supervisor as to the established flow line of the affected gutter, drain or ditch.
   (e)   Upon the completion of a City-wide ditching program, the Mayor shall notify the owner of any land, lot or premises with a gutter, drain or ditch not maintained in accordance with any of the provisions of this section to bring such ditch into compliance with such provision. Upon the failure of the owner to comply with such notice, the Mayor may proceed with the maintenance of such ditch and recover the actual costs thereof, or the Mayor may certify the costs to the County Auditor for collection as for other taxes and assessments, based upon final costs certified to the City by the Engineer.