The following rules and regulations shall govern the excavation of streets, roadways, alleys or public grounds within the City:
   (a)   Special care shall be taken to reference all City, Federal, State, County or private property monuments encountered in the line of the work so that such monuments, if disturbed, shall be correctly replaced upon completion of construction.
   (b)   No work shall be performed by the permit holder or his agents, nor shall any excavation be backfilled, covered or filled, except in the presence of an authorized City inspector. The cost of such inspection shall be borne by the permit holder.
   (c)   Excavations or other road openings shall be replaced in accordance with that document known as "Standard Details," codified herein immediately following this chapter and made a part hereof by reference.
   (d)   Privately owned facilities encountered in the work shall be protected, removed, replaced or relocated by agreement between the owner of such facilities and the permit holder, at no expense to the City.
   (e)   In general, trenches excavated within tree lawn areas may be backfilled with the material excavated, except that where such material is shale or rock, sand or other suitable material shall be used. The backfill material shall be rounded over the trench and sufficiently higher than the adjoining ground surface, except as hereinafter noted, to allow for settlement.
   (f)   Where a trench passes through a regularly maintained lawn, the backfill material shall be thoroughly compacted to minimize settlement and the top portion brought to the grade of the existing lawn, after not less than three inches of topsoil have been applied, raked, rolled and seeded so that the finished area will be equal to the original lawn removed. In lieu of the foregoing, the original sod may be carefully removed and stockpiled and after the trench backfill is compacted, the sod may be replaced, seed added as necessary, and rolled so that the lawn, as disturbed, shall be equal to the original.
   (g)   Where the trench lies within driveway, parking or other areas subject to traffic, the backfill material shall be sand, mechanically tamped, in not more than eight inch layers, for the full depth of the trench. The material removed from the surface of such areas shall be replaced in kind and thoroughly compacted.
(Ord.77-0-7. Passed 2-22-77.)
(Ord. 2006-O-01. Passed 1-10-06.)