(a)   Council understands that the Board of County Commissioners is required by law to administer all enterprise zones and agreements in the County and will, therefore, appoint a designee to be responsible for the establishment and operation of the Tax Incentive Review Council, as specified in Ohio R. C. 5709.63(B); to ensure that the enterprise zone abatement agreements contain the information required in Ohio R.C. 5709.63(A) and 5709.62(B), including a description of the project, the amount to be invested, the number of jobs created and/or retained, the annual payroll associated with these jobs and the specific percentage and number of years of tax abatement being granted toward real and/or personal property; to forward copies of all enterprise zone abatement agreements to both the Ohio Department of Development and the Ohio Department of Taxation within 15 days after the agreement is entered into, as specified in Ohio R. C. 5709.63 (D); and to maintain a centralized record of all aspects of the enterprise zone, including copies of the agreements, a list of the members of the Tax Incentive Review Council and a summary of the Tax Incentive Review Council's annual review of each agreement.
   (b)   Council requests from the Board the power and duty to negotiate enterprise zone abatement agreements as permitted in Ohio R. C. 5709.63. Council agrees to negotiate agreements and to assist the Board in the administration of the enterprise zone, and will approve all agreements before submitting agreements to the Board for approval.
   (c)   Council hereby agrees to the establishment of a Tax Incentive Review Council pursuant to Ohio R. C. 5709.63(B) and will appoint two representatives to such Council within 60 days after the State Development Director certifies the enterprise zone.
   (d)   Council hereby authorizes the County to include the entire Municipality within the enterprise zone.
(Ord. 90-O-01. Passed 1-23-90.)