(a)   Establishment; Composition; Organization. There is hereby established a Board of Review in and for the City, consisting of the Fiscal Officer or person designated by him, the Law Director or Assistant Law Director designated by him, and a member of Council to be elected by that body. The Board shall select each year for a one-year term one of its members to serve as Chairman and one to serve as Secretary. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The Board shall adopt its own procedural rules and shall keep a record of its transactions. Any hearing by the Board may be conducted privately and the provisions of Section 890.11(1), with reference to the confidential character of information required to be disclosed by this chapter, shall apply to such matters as may be heard before the Board.
   (b)   Duty to Approve Regulations.All rules and regulations, and amendments or changes thereto, which are adopted by the Administrator under the authority conferred by this chapter, shall be approved by the Board before the same become effective.
   (c)   Right of Appeal.Any person dissatisfied with any ruling or decision of the Administrator which is made under the authority conferred by this chapter may appeal therefrom to a court of competent jurisdiction in the manner prescribed by law.