(a)   The Chief of Police shall fix the number of taxicabs permitted to occupy each taxicab stand and shall limit the number of vehicles that any taxicab operator may have parked at any stand at any time.
   (b)   Only taxicabs in such number as are designated and fixed by the Chief shall remain at the stand while waiting for employment, and only in a single file, pointed in accordance with the provisions of Part Four - the Traffic Code.
   (c)   No operator of a taxicab standing at the head of any such line shall refuse to carry any orderly person applying for a taxicab, who agrees to pay the proper rate of fare, but this shall not prevent any person from selecting any taxicab he may desire on such stand, whether it is at the head of the line or not. As the taxicabs leave the line with passengers, those behind shall move up and any taxicab seeking a space on the stand shall approach the same only from the rear of the stand and shall stop as near as possible to the last cab already in line.
   (d)   No operator of a taxicab shall stand at any place on the streets of the City for the purpose of soliciting business, except upon public stands as established and fixed by Council or other duly authorized person, and no person shall solicit for taxicabs, except the driver of a taxicab while sitting upon the driver's seat of his vehicle, and such driver shall remain in the driver's seat of his vehicle, except when assisting passengers in or out of such vehicle.
   (e)   No operator of a vehicle, other than a licensed taxicab, shall stop in a public stand, except while receiving or discharging passengers.