(a)   A current schedule of fares shall at all times be maintained in the office of the Mayor, which shall be equal to or lower than the schedules of surrounding cities. The Fare Zone Map, which is attached to the copy of original Ordinance 72-93, passed February 13, 1973, and is on file in the office of the Administrative Assistant, is made a part hereof, and no fare shall be charged or collected in excess of the amounts shown thereon.
   (b)   The rates of fare charged by the driver of any taxicab shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the taxicab, printed in a type not smaller than one-half inch, and shall also be painted on each side of the cab in letters not less than four inches in height. No owner, driver or person in charge or control of a taxicab shall fail to deliver to the person paying for such fare, a receipt therefor, which receipt shall show the amount of fare paid, the point where such person was accepted as a passenger and where discharged, the number of passengers, the number of the cab and the name of the company operating the cab.
(Ord.72-93. Passed 2-13-73.)