(a)   The fee for registration required in Section 804.02 shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per year and this fee shall also apply to seasonal, transient or temporary dealers and businesses.
   (b)   As used in this section, a "seasonal," "transient" or "temporary" "dealer or business" means any person who has no fixed or established place of business in the City, and a store or place for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise shall be deemed "temporary" where the owner or operator thereof represents in his application for a license the intent and purpose of conducting a business or trade in such store or place of business for a period of less than six months of any one calendar year.
   (c)   Nonprofit organizations engaged in business or in operation in City are exempt from this license fee requirement.
(Ord. 2001-O-11. Passed 7-24-01; Ord. 2016-O-31. Passed 12-13-16; Ord. 2018-O-25. Passed 9-11-18.)