Where the owner and/or occupant of any premises fails to comply with a notice of violation of any of the provisions of this chapter within the time period specified in said notice, the Service Director or the Administrative Director or the designee of the Administrative Director shall cause such violation to be corrected, removed, or abated. The Service Director or the Administrative Director may contract with a private person or firm to accomplish said task. The actual cost of bringing the property into compliance plus 15% for inspections and administration shall be billed to the owner and/or occupant. If said bill is not paid within 30 days after submission, then after the passage of a resolution by Council, the Clerk of Council, shall certify said costs together with (i) a proper description of the premises and (ii) a 10% penalty to the Lake County Auditor for placement on the tax duplicate to be collected as other taxes for return to the City.
(Ord. 2008-O-13. Passed 6-10-08; Ord. 2013-O-16. Passed 7-9-13; Ord. 2017-O-08. Passed 3-28-17.)