(a)   The provisions of this Traffic Code which are applicable to bicycles apply whenever a bicycle is operated upon any highway or upon any path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.
   (b)   Except as provided in division (d) of this section, a bicycle operator who violates any provisions of this Traffic Code described in division (a) of this section that is applicable to bicycles may be issued a ticket, citation, or summons by a law enforcement officer for the violation in the same manner as the operator of a motor vehicle would be cited for the same violation. A person who commits any such violation while operating a bicycle shall not have any points assessed against the person's driver's license, commercial driver's license, temporary instruction permit, or probationary license under Ohio R.C. 4510.036.
   (c)   Except as provided in division (d) of this section, in the case of a violation of any provision of this Traffic Code described in division (a) of this section by a bicycle operator or by a motor vehicle operator when the trier of fact finds that the violation by the motor vehicle operator endangered the lives of bicycle riders at the time of the violation, the court, notwithstanding any provision of the Ohio Revised Code to the contrary, may require the bicycle operator or motor vehicle operator to take and successfully complete a bicycling skills course approved by the court in addition to or in lieu of any penalty otherwise prescribed by this Traffic Code or the Ohio Revised Code for that violation.
   (d)   Divisions (b) and (c) of this section do not apply to violations of Ohio R.C. 4511.19, or a substantially equivalent municipal ordinance.
   (e)   Every person operating a bicycle shall obey the instructions of official traffic control devices and signals applicable to vehicles, unless otherwise directed by a police officer.
(Ord. 2012-O-14. Passed 10-9-12.)
Statutory reference:
   Bicycles - issuance of ticket - points not assessed, see Ohio R.C. 4511.52