(a)   A snow emergency is hereby defined as that time when there has been in or on any of the streets or roads of the City an accumulation of snow, sleet, hail or ice. When such accumulation approximates two inches or more and has created hazardous driving conditions, a snow emergency condition exists and that emergency parking regulations hereinafter defined shall thereafter be and remain in effect until such emergency period had ended.
   (b)   No person shall park, cause to be parked, permit or allow to remain parked, any vehicle on the roads and streets of the City, during any time or period when a snow emergency condition exists.
(Ord. 69-6. Passed 1-28-69; Ord. 2005-O-01. Passed 2-25-05.)
   (c)   The Service Supervisor or any employee under his direction, or any person or any member of the Police and Fire Departments of the City shall be authorized and empowered to provide for the removal of any vehicle parked on City roads and streets during a period of snow emergency, to such garage or other place the Supervisor or other person under his direction or member of the Police or Fire Departments deems proper. Any costs incurred in such removal or storage shall be paid for by the owner of the vehicle, in addition to any fines or penalties which may be imposed on the owner or operator of the vehicle.
   (d)   The Supervisor shall cause the streets and roads of the City affected by the provisions of this section to be clearly and distinctly marked and identified as snow emergency streets, by placing proper signs of sufficient size and legibility to be placed along such streets and roads or affixed to utility poles on such streets and roads in sufficient numbers as will, in the opinion of the Supervisor, give proper and adequate notice to persons using such streets or roads that such streets or roads are, in fact, snow emergency thoroughfares.