Regular full-time employees shall be granted pregnancy leave, in accordance with the following procedures:
   (a)   The employee shall submit a written request for pregnancy leave to her department head, along with an attending physician's statement regarding work restrictions, if any, and the probable delivery date. The employee's request shall state the approximate date that the employee will return to work after the birth of her child. Such request, along with the department head's comments, shall be promptly forwarded to the Mayor who will provide a written response to the employee within three weeks of receiving the request.
   (b)   Pregnancy leave may include reasonable pre-delivery, delivery and recovery time as certified by the attending physician, and shall not exceed sixty days unless supported by a written report of the attending physician stating that the employee is unable to perform her normal duties at the expiration of such period due to the pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions. In no event shall combined pregnancy and child care leave exceed 150 days.
   (c)   At the start of pregnancy leave, which shall commence on the date that the employee is unable to perform her normal duties, as certified by the attending physician, the employee may opt to use any or all accumulated vacation, holiday, sick leave or compensatory time, provided, however, that the granting of pregnancy leave does not exempt the rules governing vacation, holiday, sick leave or compensatory time.
(Ord.84-0-27. Passed 10-23-84.)
   (d)   Except for the time mentioned in subsection (c) hereof, pregnancy leave shall be without pay. Medical and insurance benefits shall remain in effect for the duration of the approved pregnancy leave. Holiday, sick leave and service toward longevity compensation shall not accrue during the approved pregnancy leave. Vacation shall accrue in accordance with Section 250.05(c).
(Ord.89-0-2. Passed 2-14-89.)
   (e)   Not later than one week prior to the date established for her return to work, the employee shall forward to her department head a physician's statement certifying that the employee's medical condition is such that she can resume all assigned duties. Such certification shall be forwarded to the Mayor for inclusion in the employee's personnel file.
(Ord.84-0-27. Passed 10-23-84.)