250.08   HOLIDAYS.
   (a)   All full-time employees shall be entitled to thirteen paid holidays per year. Should an observed holiday fall on an employee's regularly scheduled workday, such employee shall be credited with having worked eight hours for the purpose of computing overtime during that work week. Regular pay shall not be affected by the observance of holidays. The following holidays shall be observed:
      (1)   New Year's Day;
      (2)   Good Friday;
      (3)   Memorial Day;
      (4)   Fourth of July;
      (5)   Labor Day;
      (6)   Thanksgiving Day;
      (7)   Day after Thanksgiving Day;
      (8)   Christmas Eve ;
      (9)    Christmas Day;
      (10)   New Year's Eve; and
(Ord.84-0-14. Passed 6-12-84.)
      (11)   Three holidays of the employee's choice.
(Ord.89-0-2. Passed 2-14-89.)
   (b)   Any holiday which falls on a Saturday shall be observed on the prior Friday. Any holiday which falls on a Sunday shall be observed on the subsequent Monday. The City shall decide yearly concerning the observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
   (c)   In order to be paid for a holiday, an employee must have worked the last scheduled day before, and the first scheduled day after, the holiday. Employees shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half times their regular hourly rate for hours worked on a holiday. Such payment shall be in addition to payment for the holiday.
   (d)   Employees who are required to work on observed holidays may, upon approval of their department heads, take equivalent time off without pay during the vacation year as determined pursuant to Section 250.05.
   (e)   Full-time employees shall not be paid extra compensation when holidays fall outside of their regular work hours and they are not required to work. However, they shall be given compensable time off or be paid for eight hours at their regular hourly rate, based on the administrative policy of their department.
(Ord. 82-0-6. Passed 5-25-82.)
   (f)   Subsections (a) through (e) hereof do not apply to members of the Police, Fire and Communications Departments.
   (g)   Employees of the Police, Fire and Communications Departments shall be entitled to twelve holidays, to be taken at anytime during the calendar year, upon the prior approval of their department head. Holidays are not cumulative and must be taken annually. These holidays are replacement for the holidays listed in subsection (a) hereof, which shall be working days for some members of the Police, Fire and Communications Departments, at no additional pay.
(Ord.84-0-14. Passed 6-12-84; Ord.86-0-1. Passed 1-14-86.)